Sunday, 21 April 2013

spring time

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spring time

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

First post ♡

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Hi guys! This is probbably my first post on this blog. Actually, I made this blog the longest time ever. I never in the mood to write it. But today I do. So, I guess this is (hopefully) right post to restart my blog. Anddd I'm a MAKEUP OBSESSED. So in 6th grade I'm officially obsessed. too young huh? yeah so umm basically I do ballet ('till now and I hope forever) then you know ballet-makeup  makeup-ballet kinda have connection. Right?:| Okay I'll explain it to you guys. Ballet performances makes ballerina has to wear makeup on stage. And so do I. When I was younger my mom and my sister did my makeup. Then when I went older, I realize makeup isn't that hard to do. I started to watch youtube videos about makeup and ballet stage makeup. I thought it's so easy (dumb me) then when I had a 'Nutcracker' performance (I'm 11 years old) I did makeup on my own. Then I......      failed. So sad. Then I got kicked up from the ballet company. No just kidding:P. So I told myself to practise it. And I did. And I got better and better all the time. Then I felt like I have to make something that people will know me. And I made this blog tada!! in this blog i titled it 'Glittzer Bug' the glittzer is for jitter. you knoww jitter-bug glittzer-bug. And I made it glittzer because I ♥ Glitter. And in this blog I will call you 'Glittzies' creative huh?:P So in this blog you will find everything about me! Not just beauty or makeup. I will teach you ballet too if you want. And in this blog you my followers or my blog readers, I will chalenge you so many stuff. Get ready! And maybe that's all I've got. Oh one more may I talk in English guys? Because I don't know it's so much easier to describe things and talk about makeup. but excuse the wrong grammar. Nobody's perfect! Bye Glittzies have a fun day, and remember! be yourself:) I LOVE YOUU

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Black and white p!nk. @Pink

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Black and white p!nk. @Pink

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